$ 125.00

This limited-edition set includes a signed and numbered copy of Diana Arterian’s chapbook Death Centos a numbered, letterpressed game board and a white-brass game piece. Edition of 75.



Chapbook:  A staple-bound chapbook with a letterpressed cover and a decorative stitch. This work utilizes the form of the centos to bring together people renowned through historical relevance and through incarceration in modern day. Each layered poem comes together as a group to acknowledge human ephemerality, grappling with oblivion and eternity.

12.5” x 16 3/4” letterpressed print:  This broadside is based on the Goose Game which has been around for several centuries. It is an inward spiral game about the life cycle. There are usually penalty panels along the path that correlate to momentous moments. In this design, the focus is on demise. Central statement by the author. [image depicts the actual print.] 

Game Piece:  Cast from a 2 Franc coin from 1969 which is no longer in circulation. It has natural variegation and will tarnish. In ancient mythology, the coin was a payment for the ferryman transporting the deceased from the living to the world of the dead.



Concept and Hand-drawn Artwork by Natalia Porter

Broadside printed at The Center for Book Arts

Coin casting by Taba Casting

Coin surface finishing by Duran Jewelry

Trailer by Ali-Reza Nusrat and Sam Zvibleman