2020 PAMPHLET SERIES – FULL SET by 2020 Pamphlet Series Authors

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This set includes all 20 pamphlets from UDP's 2020 Pamphlet Series, which offered commissioned essays on subjects close to UDP’s commitments — collective work, translation, performance, pedagogy, poetics, and small press publishing — each offering a different approach to the pamphlet as a form of working in the present. We turned to the pamphlet for an engagement at once sustained and ephemeral, seeing in it — to use Lyn Hejinian’s words — “a sense of a newsgram, a sense of immediacy, unashamed of its staples.”

Batch 1:

Thirty-Odd Functions of Voice in the Poetry of Alice Notley by Steven Zultanski

Translation is a Mode=Translation is an Anti-neocolonial Mode by Don Mee Choi

Notes Toward a Pamphlet by Sergio Chejfec (tr. Whitney DeVos)

The World Has Been Empty Since the Postcard by Simon Cutts

Golem Soveticus: Prigov as Warhol and Brecht in One Persona by Aleksandr Skidan (tr. Kevin M.F. Platt)

Batch 2:

Quartet by Claudia La Rocco

The First Books of David Henderson and Mary Korte: A Research by Iris Cushing

Reincarnating Marechera: Notes on a Speculative Archive by Tinashe Mushakavanhu

Phong Nha, the Making of an American Smile by Tammy Nguyen

The End by Aditi Machado

Batch 3:

The Semblable by Chantal Maillard (tr. Whitney DeVos)

Letters: The classroom is burning, let's dream about a School of Improper Education by KUNCI Study Forum & Collective

Invisible Horizon: A Religious Pamphlet by Sibyl Kempson

Being Human Is an Occult Practice by Magdalena Zurawski

Notes on Mother Tongues: Colonialism, class, and giving what you don't have by Mirene Arsanios

Batch 4:

A Mano / By Hand by Nicole Cecilia Delgado (tr. Carina del Valle Schorske)

Slow Down and Walk: A Conversation by Nadine George-Graves & Okwui Okpokwasili

Say Translation Is Art by Sawako Nakayasu

Of Forests and of Farms : On Faculty and Failure by Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves

Electric Sarcasm by Dimitra Ioannou