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This set includes Laura Solomon's Blue and Red Things (2007) and The Hermit (2011). 

More information about each title:

Blue and Red Things

Like ghosts, these poems will reinvent themselves in your soul each time you read them. Like objects from the other world, these blue and red things will help us all re-envision what little we know of life and death. If you miss this book, you will miss something you will need throughout your life and will be forever sorry and never replete.Dorothea Lasky


The Hermit

What is the hermit? A crab? A card drawn from a tarot deck? Sage, lunatic, scholar, exile? Do hermits live apart from others or alone among others like them? Do they abide in the remote landscapes of legends or in our modern-day cities? Can a woman be a hermit? Who is not a hermit?

In this third collection of poems by Laura Solomon, the Hermit embodies the complicated search for simplicity and shared solitude both at home and abroad. These poems explore the struggle to articulate a precision in language, people, places, and emotions by placing the poet at the heart of a monomyth. This is a gut-wrenching collection that meditates on truth, the unconscious, and the sacrifices of love.


Is Laura Solomon Gertrude Stein? Yes and no. She's an anti-Gertrude Stein. Both. Slim, elegant, light, passionate and compassionate. The tigress. A singing knitting device, crucial to the American line, spurting freedom and disegno. Her Hermit is fresh air.—Tomaz Salamun