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A sampling of five classic UDP titles, specially wrapped in kraft paper letterpressed at our studio by Peter Kazantsev from handset metal type.  

Nets | Jen Bervin

Nets has the strange feel of verbal topography: the original sonnet text is a sort of plain that single, select words soar up from like jagged spires. —PAUL COLLINS, THE BELIEVER

Ventrakl | Christian Hawkey

Christian Hawkey's brilliant Ventrakl puts Trakl's tragic life squarely into the poetic equation, testifies to the enormous change that has come over lyric poetry in the twenty-first century. —MARJORIE PERLOFF

The Drug of Art: Selected Poems | Ivan Blatný

In an age where many—rightly—are suspicious of official verse cultures, here is the voice from a true underground—not the official alternative poetry of the day, but that minorizing, fluctuating underground that undoes hierarchical notions of language and culture. Czech-English émigré Ivan Blatný's heteroglossic poems are wonderfully strange, prosaic, sparse and distracted at the same time. —JOHANNES GORANSSON

Spit Temple | Cecilia Vicuña

Vicuña's work, at its very essence, is ‘a way of remembering’—as if exile and recall joined to unravel an ‘autobiography in debris;’ as one personal story within a larger narrative. —ROBERTO TEJADA

The Nocturnal Factory | Nancy Kuhl

This collection [is] purely about the violence of desire and the attractions, beauties, and horrors of form… Kuhl has constructed a world that’s utterly recognizable, whose conventions are understood—a world that is not one of myth, yet carries mythical implications. The result is a perfectly balanced unity of what we know and what we think we remember. —JAMES BERGER, RAIN TAXI

6x6 #36: prodyourheadwithastick

The final issue of 6x6 magazine, which ran from 2000-2017. This volume includes the poetry of Anselm Berrigan, Chia-Lun Chang, Cheryl Clarke, Lisa Fishman, Vasilisk Gnedov (translated from the Russian by Emilia Loseva & Danny Winkler), and Sarah Wang.