UDP Fall Studio Party: Börjel, Hayashida, Melgard, Wippermann

$ 5.00


with readings by Ida Börjel, Jennifer Hayashida, Holly Melgard, and Milo Wippermann

Saturday, October 7 from 7–11pm

Ugly Duckling Presse
The Old American Can Factory
232 Third Street, #E303
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Celebrate three new books with us at the UDP studio:

MA by Ida Börjel, translated by Jennifer Hayashida

MA, Ida Börjel’s award-winning abecedarian, is a maelstrom of voices cast in the underwater shadows and nuclear light of the Anthropocene. Appearing for the first time in English in Jennifer Hayashida’s luminous translation, MA is less a curative than a testimonial, speaking simultaneously for the one and the many, the solitary mother and the insurgent multitude.

Read Me: Selected Works by Holly Melgard

Spanning a multiplicity of genres, media, and tonal registers, this book surveys Holly Melgard’s formally experimental poetic works produced between 2008 and 2023, including sound poems, essays on poetics, and books that exploit print on demand to, for example, counterfeit money. From critical talks to fictional monologues, the poet translates into language the unremarkable torments of neoliberalization in the digital age.

Joan of Arkansas by Milo (Emma) Wippermann

Joan of Arkansas is Whiting Award–winning election-season closet drama about climate catastrophe, divine gender expression, the instructions of angels, and heavenly revelation relayed via viral video. Teenage Joan has been tasked by God (They/Them) to ensure that Charles VII (R–Arkansas) adopts radical climate policy and wins his bid to become the president of the United States. Arkansas is flooding, the West is burning, and borders are closed.

Refreshments provided, but a bottle is always welcome! 
Capacity is limited.