DOG EAR by Erica Baum

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The concept of Dog Ear is simple and straightforward: dog-eared pages of mass-market paperbacks are photographed to isolate the small diagonally bisected squares or rectangles of text. The photographs are formally quite neutral and sedate—cursorily reminiscent of Alber's "Homage to the Square" series of prints, paintings and tapestries—but the text also demands attention and it is what allows or coaxes the viewer to linger. In his introduction to the book, Kenneth Goldsmith asks: "Do we see them or do we read them? If we choose to read them, how should we read? Across the fold? Through it? Around it? If we choose to look at Baum's pictures, how should we see them? As artistic photographs? Documentation? Text art?"

25 full color images; with essays by Kenneth Goldsmith and Béatrice Gross.

This is the second edition.