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Our Rimbaud Mask follows the early publication history of David Wojnarowicz's "Arthur Rimbaud in New York" photographic series in order to show that our identification with Rimbaud, and with any artist, must remain a site of inquiry and curiosity rather than an obvious source of similitude. 

Under special conditions of ritual and imagination a mask can reveal as well as conceal. With his Arthur Rimbaud mask, David Wojnarowicz showed us the strange and terrifying power of that, and now a poet by the name of Vitale encourages us to take stock of that precious achievement.—MICHAEL TAUSSIG

Anna Vitale is the author of Detroit Detroit and Different Worlds, and the chapbooks Unknown PleasuresAnna Vitale's Pop Poems, and Breaststa. Recent poems and prose have appeared in AlienoceneColumbia Poetry ReviewFull Stop, and Jacket2. She earned an MFA from Bard and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She hosts the Tenderness Junction on WFMU in Jersey City and teaches writing in New York.