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This year the subscription includes ten full-length books as well as two chapbooks from our South American poetry in translation series, Señal, all at a 30% discount.

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2023's Year in Translation includes work by:

Carlos Soto Romàn (various translators)

Mohammed Khaïr-Eddine (tr. Jake Syersak)

Marlon Hacla (tr. Kristine Ong Muslim)

Ida Börjel (tr. Jennifer Hayashida)

Bruno Darío (tr. Kit Schluter)

Masaoka Shiki (tr. Abby Ryder-Huth)

Haroldo de Campos (tr. Odile Cisneros)

Mirta Rosenberg (tr. Sergio Waisman, Yaki Setton)

Melinda Mátyus (tr. Jozefina Komporaly)

Salette Tavares (tr. Isabel Sobral Campos and Kristofer J. Persen-Overton)

Isadoro Saturno (tr. E.R. Pulgar)

Stephanie Borges (tr. Stephanie Borges and Livia Azevedo Lima)