Chapbook bundle (35% Off)

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This bundle includes four recent chapbooks for short-form lovers:

- wordtomydead by sadé powell
wordtomydead is a practice in black feminist poethics. using a 1940’s mechanical typewriter, sadé mucks up orthography to investigate disorienting practices of refusal and wade through the fundamental feltness and unintelligibility of thingness.
Read this interview of sadé powell in Air/Light

- House Work by Cindy Juyoung Ok
In House Work, the unit of the house comes alive and cycles through its roles as need, world, and limit. The poems are charmed by containment and estranged by domesticity both in a specific house and in the imagined abstraction of home. Housework, house, and work come to reflect architectural and emotional structures more and more variously. 
Cindy Juyoung Ok won the Yale Younger Poets Prize. Read a review of House Work in Full Stop.

The Capture of Krao Farini by Nay Saysourinho
The Capture of Krao Farini is part Turing test, part circus flyer. Written in the imagined voice of Krao Farini, a real sideshow performer brought to the United States at the turn of the 20th century, the book dissolves the line between algorithm and spectacle to reveal the ultimate consolation prize – to be acclaimed as human enough.
Of the chapbook, Neko Case said: " The Capture of Krao Farini hit me so hard [...]. Nay’s writing is spellbinding."

- It got so dark by Benjamin Krusling
It got so dark is a book about pleasure’s recession. “blacked out when I grabbed the chop//it got so dark” – Rio Da Yung OG, but dreaming might not stop when violence starts, or better not. That’s why the tone is so fried – it’s called trying to maintain.
Of Krusling's work, Simone White says: "It is alarming to find what you are looking for, which is what I have found in the work of [Benjamin] Krusling."