Craig Foltz Special

$ 25.00

Two books by writer and multimedia artist Craig Foltz -- We Used to Be Everywhere and Coming Up For Air -- specially wrapped. 

Only 10 pairs available!

--Coming Up For Air-- 

In 2001, Craig Foltz collaborated with visual artist Shelton Walsmith to create an object that is equal parts chapbook and art piece. Published by the notoriously mysterious Loudmouth Collective in a hand-made edition of 150, this booklet unfolds into a mix of surrealist prose, poetry, and visual artwork, streaming out of die-cut pockets... "That night I learned that the light from the moon was not yellow-blue. Not greenish-pink. Not orange or red. I learned that desire was your head basked in an amber-blue glow..."

--We Used to Be Everywhere--

"In one of the photographs you chase the pleated skirts of a west coast sunset. There is someone else here too, naturally, a stranger. You sit together, nearly touching, in a longish sentence composed of black silica sand..."

This book was created from a series of soundbytes, lists, landscapes, and found objects. The result is absurd, wry, beguiling, and evocative. It is both surreal and nostalgic, like a dream remembered. 

Praise for We Used to Be Everywhere
A series of sentences that want to be a story or have escaped from a story. With a cast of characters and a careless ocean. The sentences are freshly grammatical, many unheard of before. You will hear about them again and again. It’s a kind of meditation, a trip through a landscape with people and things.
Craig Foltz peers into the chasm between knowing & wording. His poems & stories make me laugh without understanding where the joke is, why the joke makes me fall apart, & how it differs from stone. Immersive & addictive, Foltz's writing is very very very good writing.