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This set includes Ben Fama's 2019 release, Deathwish (Newest York) and Fantasy (UDP, 2015). 


More about each title:


Ben Fama's Deathwish drops us back into the beauty and the fantasies teased out in his first book Fantasy, re-braiding them through BDSM scenarios, metaphysical inquiries, and the maximalism of the contemporary.

"If your iPhone had any feelings it would write like Ben Fama."

— Ariana Reines

* * *



           ashes out of the louvered penthouse windows. There were roman

shades in the large solarium, moans from the MMF happening nearby,

          heavy liquidity, strange and lonely, was that you

whose face

        I stroked the cheek of, leather and champagne

/ / /


Ben Fama’s Fantasy illuminates a world of Internet, glamor, and lonely 21st century adulthood. Fama’s language and affect flatten desire into struggle and longing. In Fantasy, the value of one’s own labor is as inconclusive as the profits of intimacy. 

"How did Fama invent a tone so perfect and icy, so equal to our times?"

— Wayne Koestenbaum

* * *


I found you


and saved your picture

to my computer desktop

it gives me the feeling

of something terrible

and familiar