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This bundle includes impactful titles that will soon be out of stock:

- Adjacent Islands by Nicole Cecilia Delgado, tr. Urayoán Noel
A bilingual edition of Delgado's artist books amoná (2013) and subtropical dry (2016), both based on camping trips to islands in the Puerto Rican archipelago: the uninhabited Mona to the west of the main island and the municipality of Vieques to the east (Amoná and Bieké in the reconstructed indigenous Taíno language). 
Read a review of Adjacent Islands in the Brooklyn Rail.

- neither wit nor gold (from then) by Ammiel Alcalay
A compelling personal investigation into the  relationships of context to text, memory to nostalgia, and present attention to the multiple traces of the past.
Read an interview with Ammiel Alcalay in BOMB.

- Dreaming Escape by Valentina Saraçini, tr. Erica Weitzman, Flora Ismaili, Rudina Jasini
The poems in this collection both question and dream, imagine and mourn, displace fear with loneliness, loneliness with occasional calm. Eastern European Poets Series #19.
Of the collection, Victor A. Friedman says: "The translations are fluid and faithful, rendering beautifully in English both the sense and the sentiment of the original Albanian, which itself is deeply affecting."