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This set includes Natalie Lyalin's 2010 chapbook Try A Little Time Travel and her short perfect-bound 2014 collection Blood Makes Me Faint But I Go For It.

More about each title:

Blood Makes Me Faint But I Go For It

Lyalin's second book explores geographic and familial dislocation. We move from village to city witnessing brief atrocities and occasional delights: A peasant starts a revolution; a neighbor abuses his wife. Space and time are folded and refolded across oceans and continents. Their stories are braided together, slightly exalted, somewhat mourned. Lyalin attempts a beautification of brutality that is only possible in retrospect. This book is part of UDP's Eastern European Poets Series #34.

* * *

The more terrible things in the world sat by the window
They undulated, smoking away in wisps
I stepped out to toss some water
The neighbor, with his tongue out, wore a necklace of heads
The flowers bloomed early
I swiped the curtains closed
My heart stopped but did not blow up
It remained suspended, a weird meaty flower
surrounded by ribs that resemble tusks
/ / /
This 2010 chapbook is a study of careening through time, danger in the woods, and lost children. It explores safety and uncertainty in the mundane. A meditation on the monsters all around us, it could be a good argument for the creation of a time machine. Or it could be a great reason not to ever try. #27 in UDP's Eastern European Poets Series. 
* * *
I mounted the fake stag.
This one had necklaces hanging on his antlers.
I predicted he could actually hear me.
I was tired.
See, I had been blanching and icing all day.
Also making delicately fried chicken.
I provided cloth napkins for everyone.
They all came over and we drank.
Some said this was a happy moment.
Some promised to never return.