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This gift set of Scandinavian poetry contains four bilingual editions of UDP translations from the last decade, discounted and specially gift wrapped!

Ideals Clearance | Henry Parland (tr. Johannes Göransson)

A Different Practice | Fredrik Nyberg (tr. Jennifer Hayashida)

Transfer Fat | Aase Berg (tr. Johannes Göransson)

 A Hundred Thousand Hours | Gro Dahle (tr. Rebecca Wadlinger)

Originally published in 1929 as Idealsrealisation, Henry Parland's Ideals Clearance (2007) is a book of sparse and irreverent poems that caused uproar in Sweden at the time of their original publication, with Parland branded a rogue Dada nihilist. Göransson thinks of the collection as suggesting "that everything is already translatable." Read our recent blog post on Ideals Clearance

Did anyone ever pack so much delightful weirdness into so few lines?


A Different Practice (2007) is Jennifer Hayashida’s translation of Swedish poet Fredrik Nyberg’s influential book En annorlunda praktik, quiet but forceful poems that contend with the difficulties of using poetry as a form of remembrance. 

The poem for Nyberg serves as a medium in which life is sifted, sorted, examined, and pulled through... Nyberg is confident enough to present the poem not as if it is mediating an experience, but as if it is the event itself.


Aase Berg's Transfer Fat (2012), nominated in 2002 for Sweden’s prestigious Augustpriset for the best poetry book, is a haunting amalgamation of languages and elements—of science, of pregnancy, of whales, of the naturally and unnaturally grotesque—that births things unforeseen and intimately alien. 

Daring, odd, beautiful, and altogether innovative...


Gro Dahle's book-length poem A Hundred Thousand Hours (2013), translated from the Norwegian by Rebecca Wadlinger, is both one of the most celebrated and controversial volumes published in Norway in the past couple of decades. An illustrious example of Scandinavian surrealism, the book revolves around a mother-daughter relationship that exists between alternating forces of harmony and hysteria.

It feels like I received a jolt of 100,000 kilowatt hours, and I'm still in shock.