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This collection includes three books by Laura Riding, specially wrapped:

Convalescent Conversations

Originally published under the pseudonym Madeleine Vara in 1936 by Laura Riding’s and Robert Graves’s Seizen Press, Convalescent Conversations is one of Riding’s least known works, and one of her most idiosyncratic. A novel unfolding almost entirely in dialogue form, Convalescent Conversations tells the story of Adam and Eleanor, two patients recovering from unknown maladies in a nondescript sanitarium. 

Experts Are Puzzled

A nearly impossible text to categorize—is it a collection of short stories, prose poems, manifestos or something else entirely?—Experts Are Puzzled is one of Laura Riding’s earliest and most intense examinations of poetry’s and language’s relationship to truth. Experts Are Puzzled stands as an essential text for understanding why Riding came to reject poetry in the late 1930s.

The Close Chaplet

he Close Chaplet is Laura Riding’s first book, long out of print, originally published in 1926. Riding deliberately ceased writing poems after 1940, when she came to see poetry as irrevocably flawed as a means of expression. These poems demonstrate Riding’s early desire to depart from “the close and well-tilled ground” of traditional lyric poetry.